Getting Started

  1. Go to the Login Page and enter your shopify store name (It's the first part of your domain)
    login page
  2. On your first login attemp you will have to approve the permissions for us to access your shop data.
    Approve by clicking Install button
    Click Install Button
  3. To finish the registration you will have to fill two required fields on our Customize Page
    * Your Company name / Business Name.
    * Your Logo URL
  4. That's it - your account is now ready. It's highly recommanded to send a testing invoice to yourself - Just to make sure that your Invoice look exactly how you want and all texts are right.
    For more customize options refer to the Customization Help

General Settings

Most of the fields have been filled for you when you installed our App (Except your shop's Logo URL and your Company Name),
What's left for you is to go and check that everything is right for you.
In General Settings you can adjust the basic details of your business such as VAT registration number, Company Address, Phone Number, Invoice copy email address, email for testing your invoice emails etc...
Customize your General Settings

Layout and colors

Invoice4Shopify gives you full access to create your own branded invoice template.
1. Choose your desired Invoice HTML template
2. Choose your layout settings like Font Color for you Invoice, Headers Background Colors, Headers Font Colors, Totals Columns Colors, Text Direction and Logo.
3. You can also choose between 50 predesign sets of colors and find the one that have the same look and feel as your store.
Customize your Invoice Apearance

One of the required fields you must fill in the customize page is the Logo URL, You can use your store's logo:
1. Browse to your shopify store.
2. Right click on the logo image.
3. Copy image location / Copy image URL.
4. Paste inside the "Logo URL" textbox.
login page
If you want to choose another logo you can use your template editor in Shopify's admin and upload your new logo:
1. On the themes menu, click the template editor link.
2. On the left menu scroll down to the Assets section and click on the "add new asset" link.
Upload your logo
3. Choose logo image from your computer and upload to Shopify.
4. Find your uploaded logo on the Assets left menu and click on the file image.
Find your Uploaded Logo and Click on it
5. Copy the image URL
Copy your new uploaded logo URL
6. Paste the new logo URL into the Logo URL field, Click "Preview Logo" button and you should see your new logo image down below. Paste and see you Image

For certain languages, you'll want to display text in a right to left orientation, You can do that by choosing between Right to Left OR Left to Right at the "Invoice Email Direction" select box on Appearance Seetings section.

* Invoice4Shopify generates Invoices based on HTML template. This template will be used to generate both Invoice Email and Invoice Downloadable PDF formats


Check the checkbox on the Stationery settings to remove your Invoice template header and footer.
You can also specify the top-spacing you want to leave at the top of the printed invoice template so it will be fit on your stationery paper.
* Please note that Stationery settings are taking effect only when you are printing Invoices. Invoice HTML, Email, PDF or any other format will ignore this setting.

Texts and Languages

Invoice4Shopify allows you to change and edit any static text that is placed on your Invoice Template. This can be done at the Customize Page in the "Texts & Languages" section.
You can change the default invoice texts to your own translated texts that you want to be shown on your invoices.

Customize your Text & Languages

You can preview your invoice by clicking the "Preview your invoice template" button at any step before you are submiting any changes.

login page

Fully Automated Invoices

The last step is the Automating section, This section settings tells us when do you want your customer to get his Invoices:

  1. Manually Mode - When using this value each Order comming to your Store will be pending so that you can send the Invoice Manually from your Shopify's Order page by clicking 'Send Invoice' button OR from our Dashboard by opening the Invoice Editor and clicking the 'Send Invoice to Customer' button.
    Open Invoice Editor Send Invoice from your Invoice Editor
  2. Automatically when payment accepted - Choosing this option will send each new Order on your store to your Customer when Payment Status change to PAID.
  3. Automatically when order fulfilled - Each new Order on your store will be sent to your Customer when Order Status change to Fulfilled.
When using one of the Automatically options and you want to make some changes on an Invoice that was already sent -
you will want to find that Invoice on your Dashboard -> then Click on the 'Set Pending' button.
This will change your Invoice Status to Pending again so that you will be able to edit & resend it Manually to your Customer.
Change sent invoice status to Pending

What happens when I reach the trial plant limit of 10 emails?

The trial plan allows you to test out the system. Once you have reached the limit of 10 managed invoices no further emails will be sent out. You will not be able to get into the dashboard page.

How do I uninstall the app?

You can uninstall the app by navigating to Manage Apps in the Apps dropdown menu. Shopify support provides a step-by-step guide on uninstalling apps.

How's the payment plan works ?

Payments are executing directly by Shopify and all of the plans prices are per month and billing as a recurring payments. You will be asked to approve the monthly charge through your Shopify account. Once you approve the charge your new plan and monthly quota takes effect immediately.

Is changing invoice information changes the original order on my Shopify Store ?

Absolutely not, any changes to the invoice details made on our database and do not change the order of the store at Shopify.

How can i test Invoice Manager Application for Shopify ?

Any registered user who installed our app will be able to send/print/download 10 invoices per month for free!
We will count any invoice that was Sent, printed or downloaded as one used Invoice.

When can i send invoice for an existing Order ?

You can manage an invoice for an existing order once received payment for the same order.

How can i test the invoice email before i use the service for real customers emails ?

You can update the "Testing Email Address" field on the customize -> general settings area.
When using this field - no invoices will be sent to your customers,
Each 'Send Invoice' action will send the invoice email only to this testing email address.
Leave this field empty when you want your invoices to be sent to your customer email address.

How can i test an Invoice Print without spending my monthly Invoice limit ?

Using the "Testing Email Address" field on the customize -> general settings will not count any action for invoices that having the same Customer Email as your testing email address.

How can i unsubscribe from any email notification (*excluding Invoices Emails) ?

You can Unsubscribe from updates newsletters at this page

How can i set the date-time format showing in my Invoice ?

You can do this by selecting the desired date format at Customize page.
The default format is: MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss